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We love Turkey BThe following group of people is extremely invested in Turkish travel, partly because their jobs entail so, but mostly because they love Turkey. They are committed to promoting Turkish travel and showing the rest of the world the best of Turkey. Their shared passion for Turkish travel drove their interest in starting a website that is specific to sharing everything and anything about Turkey. They hope that people who visit this website will fall in love with Turkey and are encouraged to visit Turkey sometime soon.

Ada Ozansoy: "Rayban"

She is the site writer. Ada is a very ambitious individual driven to succeed in everything she does. She is hardworking and a risk taker, not afraid to take on any kind of challenge even when the odds are stacked against her. She is a strong believer in the power of the mind, her mantra is "If you believe you can do it, then you can do it". She is one who doesn't like to dwell on the negatives and always finds positives in the ugliest of situations. Her online name is Rayban, apparently, she loves Raybans that much.

Emel Burchu: "Avatar"

Emel is the website editor. She loves learning as much as she loves teaching. She believes that for people to understand themselves and figure out who they are, they should first understand their history. She also loves reading and writing. In fact, if she is not teaching, she is most likely reading or working on her own works. Emel hopes to become a published author one day. Her online name is Avatar, she chose the name because Avatar is her favorite movie of all time.

Ferid Dizdar: "The Genius"

He is a contributing writer to the website. The other members of the team refer to him as a genius because often he surprises them with his knowledge about random things. He is the kind of person people normally take for granted because he jokes a lot but behind the facade, he is a really smart and intelligent individual. If you hang around him often you will occasionally hear him say, "If I can't laugh at me, then who will".

Emre Erbay: "The Big Dreamer"

He is the website associate editor. He is an adventurous individual who dreams of traveling all over the world. He is always on the lookout for unique locations that are invisible to the ordinary eye. He often finds himself on the opposite side of things, for example, the things he finds beautiful are usually the things ordinary people find weird. Emre is also very confident and is never bothered by other people's opinions about who he is. He’s also has an intense imagination and he loves telling stories.

This group of people is all about Turkish travel. If you ever look around their website, you will find the quote "For the love of Turkey" theme is peppered throughout. They hope that more people will fall in love with Turkish culture and are intrigued enough to visit Turkey. Perhaps you have something to say, please send all your comments to us here-



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