Understanding your personal safety in Turkey

Turkey is a country on the Mediterranean sea surrounded by Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan to the Northeast Bulgaria and Greece to the west. Iraq, Syria and Iran to the Southeast. Most terrorist attacks are experienced in the Southeast of Turkey, that is, near the Syrian border, Ankara and Istanbul. Hence, for safety it is advised that tourists should avoid this areas.

Demonstrations BGenerally, it is equally safe to travel in other parts of Turkey for a vacation, but this is not to say that one should be reckless around this area. As a tourist, you should always take additional safety precautions especially in busy areas and mostly if you are a complete new visitor to this country. Just like any other country, there has been some few cases of insecurity here and there in Turkey. The rate of insecurity has been high due to terrorism attack being experienced all around Turkey. It is always the aim of the terrorists to create uncertainty and fear. Once you have taken a vacation in Turkey, make your level best to avoid public rallies such as Political campaigns or large crowds of people. It is also advisable that one should cooperate fully with the security officials in reserves or even around the city.

Safety for women in conservative areas: any lady should be cautious of the cultural difference in a particular area in this country. This include, the way men interact with women and vice versa. If you might be feeling uneasy, you can seek help from local women.

Malaria: mosquitoes and flies are usually troublesome in summer seasons. As we well know, they can really give a person a hard time stay. Some few hotel rooms are equipped with mosquito nets. Although, it is equally advised that one should not put their hopes of health safety at the hotel during vacations. As it is said, 'prevention is better than cure' you can always consume antimalarial tabs before traveling. Also, for a nice vacation stay, you can carry a mosquito coil or insect repellant.

Street crime: this is common in many main cities of different countries. You should always be aware of pickpockets and bag snatching. Be very careful with your belongings. This culprits are often young men or street boys. Most of them are normally found at public transport, transport terminals.

Getting a huge variety of insurance policies: it is a good idea that we should all insure for the safety of our well being. Hence, it is advised that one should have a travel insurance policy covering theft and medical expenses.

Demonstrations: do not be tempted to join in to any street demonstration. Always mind your own business because such cases can lead to the police clashing with the demonstrators. This can land you to some real big trouble by involving yourself in something you might not know the real cause.

Earthquakes: this are common natural calamities experienced in Turkey and might be unpredictable. To avoid seriously injuries when caught unaware in such a situation, you can try and run away from any structure such as trees, towers, that might fall on you. Also, ensure as much as you can that you are not near any window material during this risky moment.

With this few safety measures, you are surely going to enjoy having a fantastic stay in Turkey during your vacation period.

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